For the love of dogs

This bitch goes out to people who responded to the news about the 100 culled sled dogs with something like "...what about all the suffering people in this world?" First of all... what, exactly, are you doing for the suffering people in the world? Most likely absolutely nothing. Secondly, compassion and sorrow can extend to BOTH animals and humans. Do you think that just because people express disgust and outrage at the dog cull, that they therefore CANNOT express the same feelings towards human suffering such as the situation in Haiti? Well, they can, They could also donate a few twenties, which you likely didn't. Finally, to the guy who really laid it on thick about how we should "care more about people instead of making a huge deal about these dogs." If you keep going on like that people are going to think you have partaken in a little animal cruelty back in the day and you want to downplay its significance. —Dog lover still has room to love people too

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