Dude, just give me my food...

I'm a regular customer and I come in every day and order the same thing at the same time. I smile, I'm friendly and I'm easygoing. I'm probably the easiest customer you have to deal with all day. I don't need your snide comments and eye rolls. I don't need you asking me "well why did you go out for breakfast then?" when I make amiable conversation about how tough it is to get around after the storm. If you don't like your job, I know PLENTY of unskilled people who would KILL to have a job right now. I'd go to another location of your franchise if there were one in the vicinity of my work.

Give me one more ounce of attitude and I'm attaching details to this and forwarding it onto your manager. I know your job sucks. I've DONE your job. Doing your job was the whole reason I worked my ass off to earn my degree and get the hell out of the food service industry. I have nothing but empathy for you guys. I'm not the enemy here, okay? —Breakfast Ranger

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