Right lane, or no lane at all

Every time I'm driving down Quinpool road during rush hour it drives me absolutely CRAZY when people go in the right lane and speed by your slow going left lane when they know very well that there's going to be cars parked on the side of the road. I doubt you're in that much of a hurry that being ahead 3 cars will really get you there that much faster. Also, when you're going down Quinpool and you finally get close to the rotary, the people who pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to the signs above that clearly state if you want to be in the middle lane at the rotary stay in the right lane from Quinpool (which I always do even though it takes a bit longer) and they think they can just slide in front of me into the middle lane with no blinker what so ever. NO! I will never EVER let you in front of me. It's traffic, deal with it and stop being so god damn pushy. —Push me once, shame on you, push me twice... shame on you

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