Your Dog Bites

Let me just state this: your dog attacks other dogs. Okay, now let me repeat it: your dog attacks other dogs. Viciously.

"Oh he is SUCH a great dog around people... I just... wow... I just can't believe it keeps happening even after dog training and obedience class."

You read all the stories regarding Brindi. Eventually, one of these dog owners will give a shit, report you & bye bye to your dog. Do you really think because 6 dogs have gotten bitten but no one has reported you (because you cry and go on and spread your sob story) that you won't get reported one of these times? You do realize once a couple of people report your dog... more will follow. You take your dog out on a leash all over the city, but refuse to put a muzzle on him because 'it's cruel' & he 'doesn't like it'. Do you know what's cruel? A little toy dog getting chewed apart by a medium size dog whose owner has NO CONTROL over him. You know what the owners don't like? Watching a girl cry and go on while her dog bites their dogs face & neck.

This is a dog. Not a child. He is not 'your baby.' He has serious temperamental issues that you CLEARLY cannot handle. Give him to someone who can or the city will have him put down. Just because it isn't biting a person doesn't mean it's okay to just brush off the problem and say "oh, I guess he needs another round of obedience!" —GetsomeSENSE

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