Size 0 on a DIET?!

So most recently I saw a posting on a popular website that got my blood boiling. A "friend" is about 103 pounds and about 5'3" tall, her lastest status was, "Oh I would love to have BK but my diet won't allow me to." WTF DIET?? Are you kidding me?! I am not a size 0 and I'm not 200 pounds. I am 5'4" and am proud to weigh 155 pounds. I am thankful my teenage daughter has me for a role model and not someone like my "friend". What is wrong with us as a society to think that someone that tiny could possibly need to diet? It is better to look and feel good about yourself no matter what size than to worry about what society and those damn magazines plant into your head! I have already said all of this to her believe me!! —An Average Sized Gal

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