Change, don't complain

I love the way we bitch. I was watching television one lazy Sunday afternoon when a commercial came on about a charity. Immediately I switched half my attention off because I'd rather not feel guilty or slightly depressed for the life I have compared to the starving children in Africa or the abused kittens being saved by animal shelters. But something about this commercial really got through to me, the lady speaking said “If you're not gonna help make things right in the world, then don’t complain about the wrong.” This really made me think, and I completely agree with her. So many people are so quick to complain about litter, pollution, or even issues as extreme as global warming however they do nothing to help slow down or stop the issues. I am partially guilty for doing this however I really try not to complain about things or events that I have no control over. Small things add up just as bad things do too, "the straw that broke the camels back", why can’t this statement be true to the good things as well as the bad? The good things could help the world, for example the odd piece of trash someone picks up could eventually help restore natural beauty to a run down park. People are so quick to complain and yet they don’t help in any way. Therefore I agree with the lady in the commercial by saying if your not going to change it, don’t complain about it. —Conor

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