Do a little research on your investment!

Dear university students, university degrees are investments. You choose to invest your money in them and you can choose where to invest. Therefore, get over yourselves and stop marching in the streets thinking that the NS government should be paying more for your investment. News flash—we live in NS... the government has no money. University degrees earn you higher wages and if you can't get a decent job to pay it off at the end because you took an Arts degree or a Education degree, deal with it. It's just like any investment—there is some risk associated with it. I've been paying my $39,000 student loan for 6 years now and I never once went to the streets to protest because I know it was my decision to go to university. I was also not wearing $300 UGG boots, carrying an IPHONE (I didn't have a cell phone because I was a student and I couldn't afford it), and wearing a nice warm fancy goose feathered down jacket when I was in university. I also wasn't travelling Europe in the summers or flying off to some warm destination down South on my spring break. Get over yourselves. —Sick of Babies Protesting

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