Respecting Streets

I love halifax, I even love Halifax enough that I decided to make my roots more permanent and buy a house (a huge privilege that I appreciate). But it seems that a little too often I am reminded of the pettiness of our By-Law Services. It's a lot of work to remove snow... but I am a willing participant. I did spend 3 hours shovelling happily. However because my side walk was not completely bare it's ok to ticket? This is bullshit. I have been putting salt out this winter but as a pedestrian and cyclist I am sick and tired of it. It's toxic to the soil, people, animals, water systems, and city infrastructure. So I thought I should cut back since apparently the city's answer to removing snow is not to at all... just dump a ton of salt on it and hope it will melt away. Never mind the health and environmental implications of your actions. HRM why don't you stop pissing of your residents and focus on your own shitty job of snow clearing? —Are you ever going to see the bigger picture?

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