Walkers and drivers

Look 50% of the time I walk and 50% of the time I drive. I gotta pay my mortgage, so I work and my work requires me to be mobile. I am equally shocked and awed at the ongoing stupidity for both driver and pedestrians. Drivers: it's a fucking mirror use it and despite your own version of self importance, generally no one is in that much of a rush to see you. SLOW the fuck down. Pedestrians: The little white lines on the cross walk are by no means some magical Harry Potterish force field where by my vehicle will some how slam into and bounce back as a means of keeping my car from plowing into your completely oblivious ass. Despite your own version of self importance, no one is that fascinated by your witty text repartee or your HUGE weird looking fur lined hood. So STOP, LOOK and then move dumbass. I mean, seriously, do you think walking on the road of the oncoming side of traffic, during a snowstorm while texting is a good idea? Yes I know I'm not SUPPOSED to hit you with my car, but sometimes little boy/girl, life takes fucked-up turns and cars skid or slide on the ice and despite our desire not to plow into you while you and Biff/Sarah Ann trade deeply important text messages, it can happen. Take some fucking accountability, grow the fuck up and pay attention. —Bimobile

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