Unsolicited Gifts

Yes, I understand that you think sending me flowers is a romantic gesture. I understand that roses are expensive. I am flattered that you think I'm worth the expense. But, asshole, you deciding to shell out money on a virtual stranger who never, ever gave you any indication that she was interested in you in any way was your decision. To freak out at me because I don't want to go to dinner after you sent me flowers is crazy. And, to tell me how unappreciative I am is nuts. You don't even know me. We only meet once before, for fuck sakes! And I didn't even talk to you, I spoke to your wife. That you and your wife are now parted makes no difference. I am not interested, and I don't owe you anything! Fuck! Can you imagine what this lunatic would think I owe him if I had let him buy me a hamburger? —Disenchanted

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