So-called "mothers"

I'm a young mother myself (early 20's) and a lot of friends/acquaintances on Facebook have kids also. I love seeing cute candid pictures of your kids, I really do. What I don't need to see however is a picture of your 9 month old daughter, apparently naked with her hands in your furry sex toy handcuffs. REALLY? WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Have you ever heard of child molesters? I hope to God you have your privacy settings set to friends only so that no pervert sees that picture and hunts down your poor child. Apparently you think this is "cute" I don't know how many times you were dropped on your head as a baby but I'm guessing it was more than once or twice. I know some of you may say I am overreacting but come on, that's disgusting even if she had clothes on. I reported it to facebook as pornography and not to be a b***h but to protect that poor kid since her mother obviously isn't. —Grossed Out

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