New Fuzzy White Stuff Paint Job On Your Car

CLEAN OFF YOUR CARS, YOU ASSHOLES! Q: What lazy shit can't even clean off his windshield? Let alone the rest of the car? A: Apparently half of Halifax.

I can't believe the police don't haul these asses out of their cars and beat the windows out of the car. There, fuckface, no need to scrape anymore! Come on people, it is disgraceful and also quite dangerous to drive with 3 inches of snow on the entire car. But no, Novies think that THEY don't have to stoop to cleaning their car off cuz everyone else will be watching out for them. Oh, and it's a bonus lazy if you don't clean the roof, so that it hardens into ice then launches off the roof into the car behind you. Lucky I am not a cop... Reckin' freckin' breckin'. —Sick of Lazy-Ass Maritimers

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