Not the ideal city for a dog

I understand we live in a city, and not the valley... but this city is becoming less and less dog friendly it seems. I completely respect the fact that there has to be rules and limitations as far as where dogs can be off leash, but it seems like one day I go somewhere and everything's fine, the next day I go and we're told we can't be there with dogs... A friend of mine got fined by an animal control officer for playing fetch with her dog in a fenced in park with NO other people/dogs on it. The fine was almost $400! Seaview Park is great, and my pups absolutely love it there. But even a few weeks ago an animal control officer showed up and examined people's dogs and threatened to fine the ones who didn't have special gold tags you buy at the vet, and she was asking everyone questions about their dogs, and just making the experience rather unpleasant. I understand they have a job to do, but it was quite obvious that everyone at the park just wanted to enjoy watching our dogs run with each other, and not to be harassed by some pig who could barely fit into her clothes. I wish we could get a dog friendly park, completely fenced in, maybe with some agility equipment and who knows what else! But what's with this... I know more dog owners than not, and I know I'm not alone in wondering why Halifax seems to be becoming less and less dog friendly. —Just let 'em run!

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