Why So Many People?

Every day when I walk through the cafeteria or into a classroom or into a store I think to myself, how many people in the world have done what I just did. People don’t seem to realize just HOW many people there are in the world. Think about the separation of six degrees. It is said, that you can be connected to anyone else in the world through six people. For example, you know someone, who knows someone, who knows some one, who knows someone, who knows Obama. All of those someones, have parents and siblings and cousins and friends, who all have the same and so on. When you really stop to think about it is ASTONISHING our earth has been able to supply us with enough room/resources to last us this long. What people don’t seem to understand is that though they are only one small person in this astronomical system each and every person plays a part in the well being and function of that system. Global warming, over population, extinction of fossil fuels and economic degradation is all due to each and every person just not taking the extra time to care. Though you may be throwing a piece of gum on the ground, that piece of litter is not the problem, it is the mind set of thinking the world is our garbage bin. As this mentality grows environmental concern diminishes and we are left hoping the earth can hold out so we don’t have to see the consequences of our lifestyle. —SC

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