Bus drivers aren't mind readers

You stand in a bus stop serviced by more than one route. You stare at your cellphone, you read a book and smoke a cigarette, or you sit in the shelter texting. You don't bother to make any indication that you want the bus that is approaching. The bus driver slows down but you stand motionless and the driver makes a split second decision that you don't want his/her bus. They drive away and suddenly you go ballistic! Has it ever occurred to you that you should make eye contact or raise your hand to let the driver know you want the bus? Shake your head if you are waiting for another bus on the stop to come by. The drivers can't read minds so they rely on body language. Stop wasting everybody else's time that is already on the bus. You would be driven by in a hearbeat if you were in London, Berlin, Paris or Rome. —Gus Who Rides The Bus

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