Canada Games Fail

I can't believe how poorly the bedbug situation at the camp was handled. Honestly what were the Canada Games organizers doing? This should have been taken care of LONG before the athletes arrived! On the news, they had a 'bedbug sniffing' dog in to deem the camp bedbug free before the athletes arrived. This has got to be some type of joke. No wonder the rest of the country will not take Nova Scotia seriously. Now a days people use exterminators... also, they said on the news, they used the extreme cold to exterminate the pests—by leaving the windows of the camp open. I was blown away when I heard this news segment and how it seems as if they had NO knowledge of how to exterminate bedbugs. It would have taken one phone call to an exterminator, heck they could have googled it. Two days later there's news of the athletes being 'forced out' of the camp. Saw that one coming! Shame on you Halifax/Canada Games Organizers, quit spending money and resources on these crazy half brained ideas and witchcraft. In the beginning I was proud Halifax was hosting the games, but now not so sure. —Losing faith in this city

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