When no means yes... just add high heels, a tube top and make-up!

A woman in Winnipeg was just told by the judge at her rape trial that being raped was her fault because she wore a tube top, high heels and make-up, wanted to party and therefore 'sex was in the air'. WTF is THAT? Sex was in the air? Surely that is open to interpretation and interpretation does not equal consent no matter how much someone may wish it. Sex "in the air", whatever-the-fuck that means, is NOT consent! That she continually said "NO" has been made irrelevant.

Rape by rapist AND rape by justice system. Why would any rape victim, female or male, want to come forward publicly only to be told that their rape was their fault? This is crazy! Blaming the victim is a serious setback to victim's rights. Rapists and potential rapists everywhere must be rubbing their hands together in glee! All they need to do now is target women in heels and make-up, especially those in tube tops, and let the raping ensue.

Unless consent is given, it is rape. A person can even consent but then change their mind. If their 'partner' continues anyway, regardless of the change of consent, that is rape. How far removed from reality does one have to be before being appointed judge? —Absolutely Gob-smacked

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