Hard to smile?

I've had many sleepless nights this past week, so this morning when I woke up after a full night's rest I was super happy and started my day with a great attitude. Then I had to go get blood work done. Neither the lady who registered me, nor the nurse who actually took my blood, were friendly in the least!

You deal with the public every day and this is how you act? I know dealing with the public can be hard sometimes but I smiled pretty much the whole time because of my good mood, despite your non friendly demeanour. Neither of you could even at the very least RETURN A SMILE!? I won't even get started on the fact that neither of you said more than 5 words to me. The job that you're in, in case you don't realize, people kind of count on you to ease their worries and make them feel comfortable. Even after telling the nurse to have a great day I barely got a grunt out of her. If you can't even smile when people smile at you, maybe your cranky ass should stay home or find a new line of work. —Still happy

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