Baby Mama

You are 19, a High School dropout, have never held a job and sit around all day on Facebook filling out those ridiculous 'notes', answering mindless questions to demonstrate how "deep" you are... and now you're pregnant with the next generation of welfare hellspawn.

So, it's pathetic enough that you and your sprytrash boyfriend both got approved for welfare (I understand that maybe in your mind, you're unable to work, but what the fuck is his excuse?!) but recently you won $10,000 on a god damn scratch ticket. So instead of A) reporting it to welfare as income and using it to support your own fucking lazy ass or B) saving it for baby stuff or an education for ONE person in your sad little family, you run out and buy a purebred pitbull and a second car. Neither of you has a job, why would you need 2 cars?! And yeah, having an untrained pitbull around an infant is an awesome idea. Good luck finding that new apartment you're looking for with a dog.

Everyone who knows you and your immature, trashy boyfriend cringed when you announced you were pregnant, and now we are all tucking Children's Aid's number into our wallets for the inevitable day that they'll need to be called. I dont even mind going to work every day and paying taxes for single mothers on welfare if they will use it as a temporary solution to better their lives, my mom did it and was able to get an education and get back on her feet. However, it makes me sick to see girls like you who use it as a career and a surefire way to move out of their parents house with the boyfriend and be able to sit home all day together smoking weed and fighting. You are disgusting. I feel so terrible for your child and can't imagine how much he/she will HATE you when they find out that their life is total shit because you wanted some attention on Facebook and thought that having a "bebe, omg!!" was the best way to get it. And you wonder why none of your friends want to even talk to you anymore. Gross. —Taxpayer

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