My views on escorts may be different than most people. Either way it's my view and this is a place to bitch so here it is. Over the years, I've come to know a few escorts. Most were classy and some were very trashy. The trashy ones seemed to be the ones who are ruining it for the classy gals that genuinely provide companionship to upscale gentlemen. The one thing that REALLY PISSES ME OFF is the fact that they are doing in service and will continued to do so without problems or without getting caught.

Everybody knows that in service is illegal, so why are the police turning a blind eye to it? A big percentage of these so called escorts provide in service. WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT? Not a damn thing. It clearly states that it's illegal to solicit for sex in Canada. Why are they not stopped? I know this girl that lives in the North End Halifax. She has been escorting and doing in service for over 7 years. She even advertises her sexual services that she offers in her ads.

Somebody please explain to me why these in service escorts are not stopped? It's obvious they are turning a blind eye to it but why? Is there a real benefit in letting these trashy escorts provide an illegal service? —Confused

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