Good Going!

Thanks a pantload for telling me you have feelings for me last night. Thanks for telling me you've had feelings for me since we were teenagers. You had 14 years to cop to this, but no, you wait until after you're married to tell me this delightful news. Which is the part that infuriates me because guess what! I had feelings for you too. For all these years! And your admission has made those feelings I buried in the back of my mind all come rushing back. Especially the things you said. The times you reminisced about. The reasons why your feelings for me were and are so strong. No man has ever said to me what you said to me last night. I think that's what kills me the most.

I get it, we were both incredibly shy back then. I completely understand why it never happened. Sure I regret it, but bringing it up to me NOW is just cruel. Some things are better left unsaid. What good did it do either of us for you to confess these feelings to me now? And what good is it to talk about what "could've been"? I obviously can't have "what could've been" so why bring this up at all? We both know you're not going to leave your wife. You're also well aware of my current state of mind, and how my personal life is in shambles. So thanks again for making me feel like I've missed out on something that could've been amazing. I really don't need all these feelings coming back when I'm trying furiously to numb my perpetually broken heart.

Thank you so much for another heartbreak and making me fall (again) for yet another guy who is unavailable. If I believed in karma, I'd swear she has a dartboard with my picture on it. —Tin Girl

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