Couch Surfing and Boy Crazy

You are probably the most boy crazy person that I have ever met. That in itself is fine, it's kind of cute to hear you giggle about Jake Gyllenhaall and all those other pretty boy celebrities that you like. There's certainly nothing wrong with it! However, being as boy crazy you are, you want a boyfriend. That's great, but how do you think you're going to meet someone when all you do is sit on the couch and watch television?

You seemingly refuse to go out and perhaps be out of your comfort zone. I've suggested joining clubs or groups that you're interested in, but you'll have none of that. Prince Charming isn't going to kick down our apartment door and sweep you off your feet. No, you actually have to go out and meet new people, or at least give internet dating a go if you're really that hesitant to leave our building.

I suppose where I'm going with all this is that your attitude and ridiculously high standards regarding men piss me off. You're incredibly shallow, almost to the point where if a man isn't "Hollywood good looking" that you won't even give him a chance. I know we have different tastes in men, but any time I've spotted out a good looking guy to you, you always say something along the lines of "Meh."

Now, I'm not dating anyone either, but that's more of a personal choice right now - I'm very happy being single. But any time I go out lately with my friends, you allude to me meeting someone and then hooking you up with his friends. Should I meet someone, which would be nice but is not a priority in my life, my first thought isn't going to be about setting you up with friends of his. Not because I wouldn't do it, if I thought you might get along with someone, I would, but it just seems like such an incredibly weird and almost selfish thing to say to a friend.

I think that perhaps you need to turn words into actions, and be more active in getting the things that you want. They're not just going to come to you because you want them. —Get Off My Couch

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