The Town Bullies

What is with people who think they are better than everyone else around them? Like teachers who don't help you at all or make you feel so much less about yourself because you are not as smart as them or don't understand something. Newsflash, you're the teacher and I'm the student for a reason. I don't care if you get your pay check at the end of the day, you're here to help us, not make everything harder for us just because you can. For all of those older students who think all the first year students are infesting the school, guess what, you were in my position too, stop looking at me like I'm in your way I have shit to do too.

All those girls at the bars who think you look so slutty in your jeans and tank top as they walk by in their mini skirt and see-through top and a boy behind her following like a dog, and giving you that look like, you so do not belong here. Yes, I am of age, and yes, I do not need to look like that to feel good about myself, you would know that if you took the time to know me and not judge me.

Lastly, those people you just see around town, and you can just tell they are snobby and no one is up to their standards. Come on, don't look at me that way because the ONLY other spot on the bus is beside you which you felt necessary to make occupied by your little hand purse. By the way you eye me up and down to not dare ask to sit there it's like you know I only have a fake Chanel purse and you can smell the dirty little sweatshop kids hands fuming through the air towards you. This bus is damn packed, let me sit my sweaty gym-attending ass down, I'm tired, it looks like you just went for a tan and manicure I'm sure you worked out hard today with that purse that also needs a spot.

I feel like elementary school all over again being the last kid no one wants on their soccer team, and the team that gets you tries to make you feel bad for wanting to play. Really people, stop acting like you're on top of the world, this would be a much nicer place if there was no judging someone for thinking they aren't as equal as you are. —Lighten up

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