Contractors Sucking Us Dry

Hey you contractors doing repair work for a certain cable company: I know you get paid by the visit. Some of you are awesome, some of you suck. This bitch is aimed at you guys who purposefully stretch your house calls over multiple visits to bank more hours. There's a bunch of you out there.

It took three visits for you to solve my internet problem last Fall. Three times I had to come home from work. And it turned out that the problem was your company was supplying you with bad modems to install. Why didn't you check the modem the first time? Or the second?

This week, my friend could not access his internet, and you guys have been to his house three times and it still isn't fixed. Ultimately we pay you for your multiple visits through our bills, so why don't you do the entire fucking job on one visit instead of stretching it out over three, wasting our money and our time? Fuck you money sucking bastards. The company should fire you, or fire the managers who let you get away with this shit. —Pissed Off Customer

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