So, we all know, unless we are a hermit, or are somehow unable to differentiate between weather conditions, that Halifax is a very rainy city. Rain has haunted you on your way to work, when your basement floods in, or on your way to school when you get splashed by yet another careless Haligonian, blasting Nickleback while swerving through puddles on the road. Like donairs, or the regular group of mysterious substance abusers who hang out down on spring garden, rain is inevitable, and if you have managed to avoid it all year, missing all those Friday nights at the club was most definitely worth it. Now, what sets me over the edge, and I am not the biggest bitch, is the amount of rain that has eroded the sidewalks of halifax down, filling them with gaping puddles and literal ponds. It baffles me to the point where I find myself complaining to people about the physical construction of the pavement and gets me questioning why people don't realize and take into consideration the amount of walking commuters in Halifax and stop to think that wet socks and soggy toes are not okay in a three hour lecture. On the off chance I do remember to put on my rain boots, the side walks should not have gathered enough water that it pours over the tops of my boots as I tip toe through puddle after puddle. The fact that the sidewalks seem to be shaped to imitate a funnel or bowl, or whatever device is actually useful and meant to collect water, really gets me going, and it feels great to have somewhere to bitch about it. —Stefani

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