Do the Wave

The sign on the bus's back door says, "To open door, wave hand HERE". Having seen hundreds of interpretations of the instructions from my captain's chair, I have but one question: Do you wave to other people by moving your hand up and down? Do you poke and prod your friends looking for that magic button? No! I don't recall the Clampett clan doing any of that during their end credits. Neither should you. Wave to the door like you wave to your friends, just closer. Think Obi Wan telling the Badaimtrooper, "These are not the droids you are looking for." With the appropriate arm movement. If that makes no sense, think of the words of the wise Mr. Miagi, "Wax on. Wax off." If I'm still not making sense, take your arm, either one will do, start from the left (or right) and sweep your arm across the door to the other side. Then you wait for the "pssssh" sound and voila, the door opens for you and the driver retains their sanity. Sure beats punching, yelling at, bull rushing, or dry humping the door, and yes, people have tried all of the above. —Your Friendly Neighbourhood PDG

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