Dear Boss

You're a sweet man, very kind, very funny and take pride in your job. However (there's always a however), I am tired of your constant picking on me. It isn't funny to make jokes about my height (we are not in jr. high anymore and I'm not that short) and don't make jokes about my nationality. I understand that it can be funny sometimes, but it's starting to get old. Also, when someone else fucks up on their work, stop finding ways to turn it around and blame it on me just because the person who DID make the mistakes is your favourite. She's your 'golden gal'. God forbid she make a mistake, and if she does, "Oh! Well she was here alone and she was busy." We all get busy, we all do the exact same job. I shouldn't be lectured over someone else's laziness and stupidity. Don't forget that we are understaffed. When someone can't come in, I always do, even if it means working 14 days in a row on a salary job. I am becoming more and more irritated with you, your forgetfulness, your stupid jokes and your arrogance. The worst part is that if I try to speak up to you about it, you tell me to stop being so sensitive, you tell me I should admit to my mistakes (I do). Finally, don't apologize if you're going to continue to do the same things. I can't wait until September so I can go back to college and never look back at this shithole. —Working for Jerks

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