Burning Alive

I heard of a man who burned himself alive in France out in front of his workplace. It was on the radio. The workplace was targeting its employees and undoubtedly psychologically torturing them until they either quit or committed suicide. There had been approximately 20 suicides from this one company. There must have been a real vicious bastard in charge of the place is all I could conclude about the company.

How many people live in this city that dread going to work, either because of a workplace bully or a boss who will allow a bully of lower rank (and I do mean smell) to torture others. I wonder when we will be seeing other employees of a well known amalgamated health "care" institution out committing suicide or burning themselves alive right here on our own doorsteps. Or, does every one want to keep their useless heads up their asses and ignore the fact that workplace bullying is RAMPANT in many workplaces, including this "esteemed" place.

The reach of a workplace bully is deep. These putrid, small, blackened souls cause health problems in their chosen victims. They wreak havoc on the victims' families with worry, tension and stress, cause miserable working conditions and impede the proper function of any workplace, public or private. We all howl loudly about the kids being bullied in the schools, but the bullies of the schoolyard only carry their evil poison on to the workplace, later on down the road. Unless remedied, they continue to enjoy their sadistic pleasures on a mental plane. It is pure lipservice and unadulterated bullshit that certain public institutions have severe penalties for bullies. I myself have been horribly crippled by workplace bullies, with absolutely NOTHING being done about it, even to the point that security had to be accessed. Until there is a huge societal shift and help for victim recovery we'll get nowhere on this issue. —A Bully Target No More

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