Checkout Etiquette

To all who purchase things from drug stores, here are some don'ts when it comes to checkout etiquette:

1) If we say hi, say hi back, don't stare at us like we have 10 eyes. We don't want to have a conversation, but we are trying to be polite.
2) We don't talk on our phone while serving you, have some respect and put the person you are having a conversation with on hold. Or hang up. If it's important, you can call them back.
3) Don't be rude! There is no need for nastiness.
4) Don't argue with us about whether or not we take "points cards" for certain items. We serve 400+ people a day, we know what we're talking about.
5) Do NOT talk down to us. You may be through school and working some classy fucking job, but remember, once, a long time ago, you were also trying to pay for school/pay off your car/stay afloat. What gives you the right to assume we aren't doing the same thing?!
6) If we are serving someone else (even if we aren't), don't ask us to leave our cashes to show you something. Find someone on the floor to do that.

So, thank you in advance for not being fucking pricks, and giving us some damn respect. Remember: we can only take so much before we bitch at you to your face. —Fed-up Cashier

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