Honestly, how many times do I have to hear "HEY, NICE UNIFORM WANNA-BE PIG!"? I work a job just like everyone else. Private Security may not be a 100k a year job, but it pays my bills and I am not ashamed of what I do. Sometimes, yeah I feel conflicted if I catch someone drinking on my property, because I like drinking myself, but on-duty, my job is to keep people from doing what is not permitted on the property.

The stereotype may be true with SOME guards; some sleep, some come late/leave early, or some don't show up at all. I, myself have never missed a shift, never called in sick, and have never been late. I never sleep on the job, and I am respectful and courteous beyond belief, even though some people don't even deserve that.

I don't give two shits' if you've seen Mall Cop or Armed and Dangerous. I am a professional at what I do, and I've worked in some pretty sketchy locations; as soon as I turned legal age to be a Guard, I was placed on Gottingen street, just feet from the square, with no training, no measures for self-defense, not even a cell phone... And you know what happened? Nothing, because I respected people, and never got into business that wasn't mine.

So this bitch is to all you idiots who criticize me because I work in Private Security. I wouldn't laugh or hurl insults at you because you're a male nurse, or a goddamn garbageman, so why hate on Private Security? Don't let the few mis-trained/ignorant guards set the standards for the professionals in the business. —Had Enough of Haters

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