Herpes Lovin'

I'm a young, attractive female. I also have herpes. I know, I know, "How awful, what a shame, that's too bad... Blah blah blah." It's not that bad! Really! Can people PLEASE get over the STIGMA? It's a virus. It's not a death wish, it doesn't make me "unclean", etc. I got it from someone I love who didn't know he had it. I didn't hold it against him and I'm not angry. I too was once just as ignorant until I was forced to educate myself on this topic (I suggest you all do). I'm tired of peoples' ignorance in relation to this topic. I'm sure I am one of the HUNDREDS of Halifax locals infected by this virus. It's just as common as a cold. I'm not ashamed of what I live with, I'm just AFRAID. To everyone out there who makes jokes about herpes, please stop! I guarantee you know at least one person who is infected. You don't know who you're hurting! This is so much more common than you'd all like to believe. I'd love to meet others who are inflicted with the same virus. Unfortunately, the stigma is so large, that nobody will talk about it. I've got herpes. So what. —Stigma Sucks

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