You Suck at Interviews

You've worked 2 jobs your entire 25 years of life, each one for 5+ years and you're loyal with great references. I've had 9 jobs and haven't worked more than 2 years at any of them, I too am 25. You've always had trouble obtaining a new job. We both applied to the same job... I got the job, you didn't.

Although you've admitted that job interviews are not your strong point, you were absolutely shocked when I got the job over you. I can successfully conduct myself in an interview and don't get nervous the way you do, and can clearly demonstrate my strong points. Then you have the nerve to tell me I have this phony 'superficial charm' that slowly disappears after I've been doing a job long enough. You even bet x amount of money that I'll quit within a year, without a 2-week notice, if I don't get a raise. Out of the 9 jobs I've had, I've only quit 2 jobs on the spot because I was treated like absolute shit. We're no longer friends anymore because you keep insisting you would have been the better pick because you're harder working and more loyal and reliable because your resume says you've worked at jobs for long periods of time, and I just act in my interview and don't genuinely care about the job. Don't be bitter with me just because you go into stammers during interviews (I've overheard several of your phone interviews during the 2 years we've lived together) and I'm cool as a cucumber. I know you're a good worker, but you need better interview skills. And just because I left a few jobs on bad terms doesn't mean I'm not a good long term fit for any company. I am sick of you and everyone else telling me my ability to woo the interviewer is the only reason why I'd get a job in the first place. Um, it is possible for someone to be good at interviews and be the ideal fit! —Suck it Up

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