Drugs are Bad Mkay

Why the fuck, in 2011, with all the information and facts we have on drugs (specifically narcotics, prescription, and designer drugs), would you fucking idiots continue to take this shit? I figure I am at least average, if not slightly above, on the intelligence scale. But for the life of me I cannot understand this continuing trend! We KNOW how addictive these drugs can be. We KNOW the physical and mental harm they cause. We KNOW how these addictions continually destroy families and lives everyday. But, people keep making the stupid choice of trying these drugs, then they get hooked and the shit mentioned above happens. Brain function severely declines, your health is put at serious risk and you end up alienating your friends and family, lying and stealing if necessary... WTF?? Wake the fuck up people. Just stop. I am not saying this in reference to actual addictions, yes, they are much more difficult to control. But, if you make the choice not to bother in the first place, it will never get to that point! And if you DON'T know, educate yourselves goddamnit! Knowledge is power. I don't know who said it but it holds very true. And parents educate your children, talk to them, don't leave it all up to society and the schools. These are no longer fun party drugs... truthfully they never were.

And to all the doctors that so freely prescribe oxycodone, 'contin, or any other extremely addictive pain killers, or nerve medications, GO FUCK YOURSELVES. For a few extra dollars, 'cause we all know you get more money if there are prescriptions being written, you're fucking killing people and destroying families, children and ultimately society. And yes I am aware of how long some of these drugs have been being used throughout the ages... the world is a bigger place now, there are more people and evidently more addicts and more drugs! Everyday something happens that makes me lose faith in people. The worst people in all of this though, are the pushers. The doctors that prescribe this shit so freely and the the fucking absolute losers that make this shit, sell this shit, and benefit from the weaknesses of others. Once again... GO FUCK YOURSELVES! —Wishes People Would Learn

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