Lazy Bully

This bitch goes out to one lazy ass bully that is living under the same roof as myself and my bf. You might be the landlady's bf but it doesn't give you the right to tell me what I can do in the house. Yes, I am out of work (recently hired) but does that give you the right to tell me that I can no longer have use of the kitchen, phone (looking for work) and shower. You yourself, my dear lazy man, have not worked in over two years. You spend at least 18 hours a day on your computer "working" as you put it but I have yet to see you bring any income into the house. As I have been told by your gf you owe her over $3,000. She pays for your clothing, food, trips, nights out, cell phone, etc.

Oh okay, so you take care of her child. If taking care of him means feeding him Kraft dinner or canned ravioli every night, never bathing him, making him clean his room at 8:30 pm when he should be in bed, telling his mom you don't know where he is when she calls, asking ME why he isn't home from a friend's place when he should be in bed, etc.

Also, what gives you the right to dictate what goes on in this house when my bf ends up doing more to help out than you do cause all you do is complain and I mean COMPLAIN. The house is in her name and we rent from her not you.

You are loud, obnoxious, rude, ignorant and as I have come to learn, you hate being wrong especially when proved that by a woman. You are nothing but a lazy bully and have your gf so damn brainwashed she can't think on her own now. As I have noticed (as well as a few others) she has put you before her son and that is just sick. I am glad I am leaving this shit hole so I don't have to hear your annoying voice, have you laughing in my face, making snarky comments, be woken up at 3 am from you pacing the floors or watching a movie with the volume cranked anymore. —Not to be Bullied

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