You're Making Yourself Look Bad

Over the past few months I have seen you lie to me time and time again. I wasn't born yesterday. Not only have you become such sneaky liar, you're starting to actually believe your lies. I've helped you, mentored you and built up your self confidence. I just wish you would listen to me on your choices in men, to know that you don't have to keep seeing these losers! Just because he's "nice" and "sweet to me", does not mean he's a great guy. You have no standards and you get exactly what you deserve. If you want to take care of that "sweet guy" for the rest of your life because he was a dumb ass and dropped out of school, lives with his parents and doesn't have a job go for it. He doesn't see anything in you, other then "sugar mama".

As for the other guys you've been seeing, if he told you "I don't love you", then what makes you think he's gonna change his mind? Saying that you're "best friends" is bullshit! I don't know any exes that spend as much time together as you do and still claim that they're only friends. You say that you sleep in the same bed together, but you don't have sex? Do you think I was born yesterday? What is going on inside your head?

The more I look at these situations and others I am seeing what I always saw, but denied, you're a tacky, trashy, lying, slutty woman who will never see her potential and will live a life of misery and regret. —I Have Standards

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