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A waterfront dog park here in HRM is a great place to go if you have a dog... usually. However, people need to reevaluate whether or not they really belong at the dog park.

My biggest pet peeve is little kids. I'm talking 3 year olds just wandering around the park because:

1. You don't know every dog at the park, and while you would hope no one with an aggressive dog would bring their dog to a dog park, you just don't know. So play it safe.
2. Even if they're all friendly dogs, most of them still don't enjoy a little toddler pulling their tail, lips and whatever else they can grab.
3. There are a lot of really big dogs that go to this park. When any of them start running with each other, everyone gets out of the way... except the little kids. Is it going to take a kid being run over by a Saint Bernard to make people realize that toddlers don't belong there?

I get that lots of kids love dogs, and they should be able to interact with them. But the parents need to be supervising closely, and instructing their child on how to interact with dogs. I have no problem letting a kid pet my dog, but when I look over and the kid is tormenting him, that pisses me off. One day your kid is going to grab the wrong dog.

My other pet peeve at the park is cooped up dogs. You can tell right away that these dogs haven't been outside ALL day, and this is probably the ONLY time they will be outside until they're at the park again tomorrow. They can be spotted by seeing them drag their owner into the park, then once off leash running around in a panic jumping on every person and dog they can find. Also, the owner is usually lazy looking and often sit at the benches and smoke, while telling their dog to "go run around, go play, get out of here".

I wish the dog park was full of more responsible owners. Don't get me wrong, the regular group of people that go are great, as are their dogs. But as the weather gets nicer, I'm starting to notice more and more irresponsible owners just tossing their dog into the park so they don't have to walk them, and god forbid get a little exercise.

I will now be going to the dog park far less, which is unfortunate because my dogs have made great dog-friends that they will miss. —Two Sad Dogs

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