Two-Wheeled Ass Hats

One meter, are you kidding me? Right, good luck with that one. A lot of streets in HRM allow (for some stupid reason) parking on both sides, combine that with traffic moving both ways. Now you're telling me we need to add 2 meters to the road if there's a biker on either side? Get real. We have narrow roads as it is, you can't just say oh give these people this much room; there's no room to give!

All you damn bikers demand so much respect. Why don't you start with obeying the fucking laws! They're called 'rules of the road,' not 'rules if you just so happen to be driving a motor vehicle'. This means you stop at stop signs, you don't fly through intersections, you don't swerve between lanes, you use turn signals, etc.

I'll tell you right now you're not getting one meter out of me. These roads were constructed with cars in mind, not your stupid organic two-wheeled rust bucket. So suck up that diesel blowing in your face or get a real method of transportation. Later, hippies. —That Guy

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