Overdone Stereotypes

I hate it when I meet people who fit stereotypes that reinforce those biases I'd like to think I'm growing out of.

Take used car salesmen; I recently bought a used car in Sackville, went through the typical sales guy that would wipe my ass in order to get a sale. I return later to see if what they said they would do, was in fact done. It wasn't, and there was no intention of them ever keeping their word. This is after the vehicle was bought and paid for. Remember, after the ass kissing is over, out comes their true colors.

The little guy who looks like the fat man's little ass kisser, comes out and starts speaking to an employee that is helping me, while ignoring me, he starts speaking down to the employee like he is a slave. A true blue asshole. A small man that likes to belittle employees in front of people (and that person happens to be connected to me by blood). He then has the absolutely stupid idea to turn and be ignorant to me! Well I hope they understand the power of word of mouth, because I will make sure this is told to everyone I know in Sackville, and I know a lot of folks.

To speak to a customer in a way that shows zero respect, equals the stupidest so called salesman (less than a man actually) I have met in over 30+ years dealing with retail. I can hardly wait to spread the word. People just seem to hate asshole used car salesmen, so the word will spread easily. —Please Break the Stereotype

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