Talk About a Waste of Tax Payers' Money

So little Stevie Harper was at the Canucks/Bruins game in Boston. Because he is such an important and high level individual, Stevie had to use a military jet to go to this game. The jet cost taxpayers about $10,000 an hour with security costs, etc. Besides paying for his own tickets all Stevie has to do is reimburse the public purse the equivalent of two commercial airline tickets, so about $1,100 total.

WHAT THE FUCK?! While people in this country are losing jobs, having services cut and struggling, this man has the gall to do this? Apparently he is justifying this because it's 'cheaper' to fly from Ottawa to Boston than from Ottawa to Vancouver to attend Game 5.

I cannot believe the Canadian public voted for this man. This is just the beginning. I guess since he has a majority he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Shame on you Mr. Prime Minister. Hope you enjoyed your games. I know when your citizens are standing in soup kitchen lines they'll be thankful that YOU had a great time at a fucking hockey game, rather than worrying about their growling stomachs. —Sometimes I Wish I Was American

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