Not a Love Letter

Aw, what an amusing story you tell. You were "so busy" this week - too busy to text or call your wife who is stuck in Hellifax alone while you were "sooo busy" drinking your face off. I loved when you found the 10 seconds out of your 'busy' day to call and then basically have to rush off the phone again. Beer awaits!

Let's just get this straight, I was the busy one at the fucking hospital all goddamn day, exhausted and emotionally drained but still making 100x more effort to make contact with you. Do you know how this feels? Being here without anyone you know, alone and broke. You didn't care to even make an effort at all. Seriously, wtf?!

Thank you for ruining my 6 days and nights, not giving a flying fuck about me the entire time you were there. Good to know I can be forgotten after a few days. You claim I'm "your world". Really? You have an interesting way of showing it. Actions speak louder than words. If you missed me so bad like you're claiming, why didn't you take 30 fucking seconds to text or call? You know, like in between swigs of beer or tokes.

I can't believe I waited up for your call, or even a text... which never came. Wow what a concept, saying hi to your wife. I know, I know I'm being needy and sensitive. Sorry, I actually have a heart unlike yourself. Sorry I care about you and actually wanted to hear about how your time there was going. You can blame other people for your plans, but here's an idea; why don't you grow a pair and actually stand up for yourself and what YOU want to do?

Thank you for proving to me what I already expected - not only am I nowhere near the top of your priority list, I didn't even make the fucking cut. I deserve a man who actually cares and has the balls to stand up for his wife. Welcome 'home' jerk. —Lateralus

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