Health Scare

To the blonde "healthcare professional" seated behind a staff only desk, Tuesday night at the ER: Remember me? I was the overly polite blond who inquired about the status of my cancer patient mother’s then three hour wait for medical attention. I want you to know that your general attitude is absolutely deplorable. I do not care in the least whether or not it is in your job description to answer my questions. I was very courteous to you, and did not deserve to be spoken to with such intense disrespect. After the initial shock, I was even nice enough to smile and respond by saying, "Oh, well then, so sorry to inconvenience you.” However, I should inform you that I am NOT nice enough to put off launching a formal complaint to your superiors. I hope that as a repercussion to this experience, you will learn to project a more agreeable attitude in the future. I am sure that anyone who has ever spoken to you would agree that your attitude is completely unacceptable. It is really quite a shame that others must be subjected to speaking with you at all, let alone working with you on a regular basis. I wonder if maybe you wouldn't be better suited to a different field... one where extreme bitchiness is accepted as the norm. Oh, or maybe you could relocate to the local morgue where the people exposed to you would not have to suffer through the dilemma of preferring death to a basic conversation with a pompous, self righteous person such as yourself. I mean, Seriously?! "Healthcare Professional"? Ha! More like "Professional Bitch". —Passive Aggressor

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