The Award for Parent of the Year Goes to...

Not you.

On a daily basis I can hear you screaming at your children. My apartment isn't even next to yours.  In fact I'm on a different floor, and yet I can still year you loud and clear bellowing at your children.  If I can hear you this well I shudder to think of how the ears of your kids feel being trapped in the same walls as you.

While I can hear you clearly on a daily basis I've never heard anything quite like I heard today.  I saw you stand in your patio door and just unleash on one of your kids.  If I listened closely I could hear your son sobbing hysterically, gasping for breath trying to ask you to stop yelling.   Then you pile them in the car where you yelled some more, this time with them trapped in an even smaller space.  Your youngest, also crying hysterically, told you he was scared of you.  I would be too if I was all of 4 and had a grown woman shrieking inches from my face. Your response "Good.  Every night I come home and you two ruin it for me. Every single day you ruin it. So you should be scared." They've ruined your day?  How about what you've just done to theirs?  You've ruined their day, and have probably mentally scarred them for life. Well done. I didn't know until today which apartment all this was coming from.  But now I know.  And now that I do know I will not hesitate to take action.

It pisses me off that there are so many people out there who would do anything to have even just one child, and here's this wench treating her two like a piece of garbage under her foot.  I'm sure the way you're raising your two kids they'll grow up to be well adjusted, contributing to society, adults. [Insert sarcasm here].  You don't deserve to have children, and they certainly don't deserve to be treated that way. Ever.  For a young child to tell his own mother he is scared of her? Unacceptable. Time to reevaluate your parenting approach.

If a couple wants to adopt a child they are subjected to interviews, having their household checked and rechecked to ensure it is safe for a child.  The couple have background checks, etc.  All to make sure the child's wellbeing is taken care of.  And yet people who reproduce naturally themselves can do so willy-nilly?  What about the wellbeing of THOSE children?   Where's the advocate for them?  We have to take a test to get a driver's license,  we've all had to go through some sort of training to have the skills to perform our jobs, and yet there are people out there creating our future generations, who can do so with abandon?

Take some parenting classes.  Try loving your children.  If you can't, there are many families out there who would. —Scared for Your Children

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