Cancelled again... AGAIN!

Well, at least this time I found out about the cancellation the day before, and not hours before the show, like last time. Or the day of, like the time before that.

I drove my ass downtown, drove around looking for a parking space for about a half hour, parked illegally on private property, (good thing I didn't get a ticket) only to be told that it had been cancelled. I had just called hours earlier. There was no other way to get tickets than to physically go to the one store in HRM that had them for sale and pay cash. On a BEAUTIFUL DAY I might add. What a waste of time and energy.

Jesus fucking Christ Halifax, this is getting ridiculous. Who do I have to sleep with to go to a hip hop show around here? This brings the tally to 4 in a row. Four hip hop shows in a row that I was eagerly anticipating, that got cancelled last minute.

I saw this one coming. I mean come on, the artist in question raps about his past as a crack dealer frequently. Surprise surprise he doesn't get into the country. Know why? A drug charge from 1998. If I could see this coming, promoters should have too. That didn't stop the guy at the store from telling me it wasn't their fault, though.

Promoters, it's time accept the fact that even though they let guys like Keith Richards in our country, rap artists with criminal records will be denied unless they are super duper famous and/or can afford to pay a million dollar deposit at the border, as I was told another, much more popular hip hop artist did. You can't blame the border patrol for being cautious, even though a 13 year old charge is kind of a ridiculous reason to be denied entry, in my opinion.

I'm sure I'm not the only hip hop fan who's fed up. —Still Moving to Boston

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