Sick of Idiot Cyclists and Motorists

This bitch is for cyclists and motorists (I fall into both categories).

To motorists: please stop giving up your right of way just because you're afraid of what cyclists will do. I know there are awful cyclists, but that doesn't mean you should come to a complete halt when it's clearly your right of way just because you see a cyclist. If they fuck up and cut you off, say making a left hand turn at a light when you're driving straight in the opposite direction, then it's their fault if they get hurt. Also, coming to a complete halt reinforces bad bicycling behaviour, as it tells asshole cyclists that they can do whatever they want because motorists will give into them.

To cyclists: read the fucking rules of the road. You can't blast through stop signs/lights/cross walks, ride on sidewalks (unless you're a kid), and you absolutely MUST use hand signals. Also, if a motorist is giving up their right of way to accommodate you, don't let them. Stop your bicycle and wave them over. They need to learn that not all cyclists are idiots. —cyb0rg_

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