Hilarious Handicap

To the two teenage girls on the bus who were making fun of the way another girl was moving and walking. She is a friend of mine, in fact, I didn't even realize she was on the bus until you two started pointing, laughing, and imitating her movements as she got off the bus. I hope you feel good about laughing at someone with a disability. Those movements you were imitating? Yeah those are actually physically painful for her, and she has that pain 24-7. The fact that she can walk at all is a fucking miracle and the result of years of careful physical therapy that only succeeded because of her strong will.

I really regret not calling you out on the spot but honestly, you kids are not even worth it. This girl has suffered through years of taunts and bullying much worse than what you two children could ever dish out and if you had any idea what she's gone through you wouldn't be laughing.

But the worse part is that you only had the guts to make fun of her once her back was turned and she was leaving, but in front of everyone else on the bus. You are the worst kind of cowardly mean-spirited attention-whoring scum alive. I sincerely hope that you two grow up, and grow out of being the terrible people that you apparently are. —Your Able-Bodied Privilege is Showing and it's Ugly as Hell

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