Not Gluten-Free

For the love of god, if you don't understand what a gluten-free diet entails, if you don't understand the damage that is caused to a celiac patients small intestine when they eat something with gluten in it, or if you think gluten-free eating is some frivolous fad, please DO NOT offer gluten-free food! This is a serious medical condition, and when many people with this condition eat gluten, they feel very sick. They also jack up their chances of getting a very serious bowel cancer. Even those who don't get stomach cramps, fatigue and all those awesome digestive symptoms are still having their intestines shredded, although unbeknownst to them (which is probably even worse, since they will be oblivious and continue to eat your poisonous food).

Now, because you claimed to offer gluten-free food, took my money in exchange for such, but didn't live up to your side of the bargain, I will be intensely sick for about a week, and the symptoms will linger less intensely for another week. This is made all the more awesome by the fact that I am struggling with my other illness (something that many people with celiac have: several diseases), as well as brutal side effects from switching medications. I'm also waiting for the blood results back after being tested for a potentially fatal disease.

I struggle everyday with my health, and suffer everyday from my illnesses or a side effect of my medication. Thanks for making my struggle that much more difficult. Oh, and charging me money for it too. —Sick of Being Sick

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