Selling the Lord is Solicitation

To the people that come to my home acting as though they have the right to convince me I need "God" in my life, you can all go suck an egg! I have a sign on the door that says No Soliciting, and that means no selling "God" too.

Most recently some man came to my door initially telling me that he was collecting money for foreign students to attend Canadian universities. I gave him $4 and was happy to do it, after said man took the money he turned to grab a pamphlet from a bag he had hidden behind his back. He proceeded to force this holy pamphlet on me, once I realized what it was I instantly told him no thank you, that I am an atheist and I was offended that he had revealed his true intent after I gave him money for his faux cause. At that point he insisted that I take it and in his words "maybe this will help you understand" that's when I drove the document back into his chest and sternly ordered him to go away. He again pushed it back towards me, can you believe this man?! I had to literally take him by the arm and walk him off my door step, all the while he was giving me this look of complete confusion, what balls this guy had, what arrogance!

If Jesus did rise from the grave that means he is a zombie, and damn it I want nothing to do with that crap, keep your medieval beliefs out of my life, it my life not yours! Damn back ass ignorant fools! —Non-Believer

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