Why Am I a Bitch?

Often I'm treated like a bitch. When I complain it comes out like diarrhea, when others complain I try to pick up their diarrhea... like a bitch. Either I'm the fly, or the shit. Always unwanted drama. At work a couple of weeks ago, a guy got layed off for being too sensitive (in a nut shell), he's a bitch I can identify with. At least he tried to work busier than some of those other bitches. He was just less of a cock and crucified for it. Anyway, today, since I was "being good" and busy earlier, I missed out on the game of musical chairs for shit to do later, therefor I became the homeless jew with little to do but let my tiredness creep up into my asshole and dance me around like a little hand puppet without a play. I was being bitchy (accidentally) to a bitch I like, and then got bitched out by the boss to get my bitch-ass busy elsewhere. I don't blame any one but myself, but would feel better about myself if I could blame others instead. I'll probably be one of the next baby wipes to get tossed. I bitched to my girlfriend later, but I was starting to realize, "I'm acting like such a bitch". We're splitting up anyway so it was nice of her to endure the diarrhetic dissertation. Certain "secure" people seem very solid, stoic, sexy and silent. What is that like? For me, every step I take feels like one heart beat closer to cold, hard death and I can't help the anxiety this gives me. Is this illness? Or sobriety?! I think some people could use a taste for therapy, but otherwise, it's hard being a guy who's a neurotic bitch. Today was a real bitch as well. This is just another drop in the bucket in this vast, indifferent universe. —Tragic Hero

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