Don't Flatter Yourself

After working alongside you and sharing generous flirtation, accepting a movie invite from me (never went, but anyway), and also playing an online game together, I was under the impression that you were almost a friend. Perhaps we were misleading each other because ultimately I knew you weren't that serious but you didn't seem to realize I wasn't that serious either. The other night I was tired and we were having a bad conversation. Five minutes of your day might have been annoying at worst because I was accidentally a jerk. Boo fucking hoo. Don't worry, I was starting to realize I wasn't that big on you either. Then I get a subtle hint from somebody else that you didn't want me around so I delete you from a certain friends list and begin to ignore you; to give you space, and because I was a little hurt that you don't know when to stop flirting and handle your shit.

The next day you clam up like you were mind raped or something, and I'm like, whatever, I'll just get on with my job. The next shift I'm let go, and I'm pretty sure your flaky attitude had something to do with it. I'd hate to see what kind of witch hunt you'd inspire if you were really hurt instead of just faking it. I didn't care if we weren't friends anymore but I'm a little offended I lost my job over you. Perhaps you should get a grip before you lead some other hapless dude down this road of financial crisis. The words 'two faced', 'back stabbing', and 'twit' come to mind. I did write a poem about you because I write poetry, duh. I wasn't in love with you. I think it's much more poetic if you're reading this instead and realizing your overreaction and immature farse is called 'passive-aggressive' and is apparently very damaging when it costs someone his job when he doesn't deserve it. I hope you get caught texting at work like you always do, knowing it's against the rules. I stuck up for you on one occasion but now I just regret being naive and sincere, and giving others the benefit of the doubt when they have a bad day. I guess you're a snob. But don't flatter yourself, I'm only mildly annoyed. —Crucified

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