See this Bass? Well, See this Mr. Clothes Store

Hey, Mr. 'I'm so cool 'cause I sit all day at the till of a not very busy clothes store' Store-Keeper, our maintenance meister went over on behalf of a lot of us and asked you nicely to turn down your low grade electronica which you leave blaring into the street ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY... If you're going to do that could you at least play something half decent? We work, you know... do stuff... not just sit there admiring our size zero only stock... all day and thumpa-whumpa-bumpa-wheugh-dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum-crinkle-tinkle-spinkle is not so great when you're trying to process grant applications from small business owners like yourself, or community development groups that organize music festivals that you go to, etc.

Our lovely maintenance meister was doing us a favour by asking you to turn it down a bit, but you got all super-fly on him and told him to take it to the city. See ya there, buddy! —Sick of Arrogant Business People

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